Going SQL


Going SQL

Stephen Mitchell:

“It’s been over a month since my last post, and I have been very busy.

Sadly I have not been very busy with LLOB2. Clients needs have taken priority for the moment, I have had only a few hours to do more with Lore Lords in the last six weeks. However, even in that small window I have taken the opportunity to make some progress.

in 2009 I had been working on an SQL version of LLOB2, I have taken the management side of these data tables and installed it onto a cloud server. As this means I have an SQL system exposed to the internet I have taken the precaution of using an SSL certificate and making the site all HTTPS.

This means, as planned, I am using phpmyadmin to update and tune the management table.

Alongside this secured cloud server I have setup a 2nd server which will allow me to test the method of having multiple game servers communicating with one game management database. Although my design notes are ready for the actual implementation, I have yet to write the changes to the game to use this database to drive the turns/phases and game state.

If I get a few more hours this month I will progress with getting the game to take its commands from the table in the master database.

I still do the initial installation of the game myself, but over time I plan to write a method to allow the game to populate key elements (players etc.) straight from the master database. This will allow a web portal to exist for players to congregate and launch a new game.

Currently the game state is saved and loaded as one file on the local game server. I may switch this to a blob in the master database or even create tables as a way of browsing a snapshot of the game and allowing easier edits.

This is, of course, dependent on my getting some spare time.”