Nearly there…


Nearly there…

Steve Mitchell:

“I managed to get my main targets achieved for the month of March. I can now submit returns using Form processing techniques. This is done by embedded HTML forms within the auto-generated reports. Currently I support the minimal set of movement, combat orders and troop levels – which is where I started the original game at. To test this better I also added combat and movement reports for all leaders and settlements.

There are still pieces to be done regarding trade, transfers, messages and tuning the economic simulation (calculating taxation and morale effects).  As I mentioned in February, the “Specials” function will also need to be done – I’m leaving it to last though as it is not needed for system testing.

I am coming up to my one year target date for a basic playable “retro” version of the game – this means that I need to focus on just the remaining essential features if I want to get Alpha testing of the retro game started on schedule (some time during April). If I get a few clear days over the next few weeks, this should still be possible.

Below is a ‘screen grab’ of Lord Ceolmund of Bernicia from a firefox browser. Notice that combat reports have been added and the form information for the return is embedded within the report.  Orders are currently picked from pop-up lists and clarified by entering the region number targeted.  I toyed with the idea of allowing commands to change orders and allow transfers between moves, however, I may simplify this to just a list of move commands as in the original game for now to keep it more retro.

Lord Ceolmund

You may also spot that Lord Ceolmund has a large fleet but almost no soldiers left after all his fighting. I have yet to restrict fleet positions to ports and water. I will be adding in the ‘depositing’ of the fleet at the last valid coastal location before Alpha testing – as in the original game. I have plenty of these special cases to complete yet.”