Combat and Movement

November 2015

Lore Lords of Britain development continues

LLOB combat and movement complete

Steve Mitchell: “I have leaders moving and fighting, on land, sea and sieging settlements (they didn’t fly in 890, so no movement by air). As I have more processing power and memory than in the 1980s I find myself thinking about improvements on the original design on a regular basis. I will fix and tweak as I go, but still plan to leave the first version as close to the original as reasonably possible. I should add that some of the features added to Lore Lords in the 1990’s will also be added back in before Beta testing, they were an important part of the game to later players and I would not wish to go backwards. ┬áMy next task is to manage recruitment targets for leaders and settlements and handle both local trade and inter leader trade. I will probably need to make advances on trade as this was an area where some players struggled in the original games – if they did not have a reliable group of friends playing – as sending commodities was on a trust basis it could be abused. The 2016 version of the game will have a transactional trading system, you will get paid for what you send as it arrives. Though you will be able to steal commodities and carry them off by capturing settlements, so some level of theft will definitely be permitted…”