Starting Development

April 2015

Diamond Apple starts developing LLOB

Lore Lords of Britain

After more than twenty years since the last game of LLOB (Lore Lords of Britain), Diamond Apple is starting a one year project to bring the Historical Simulation from the Computer Moderated Play By Mail past to the online present.

Steve Mitchell: “When Retro Gamer interviewed me last year about Lore Design, it reminded me that I’d often meant to bring the Lore Lords game up to date.  I wrote the rules to Lore Lords using a previous game making technology that I had developed called “Of The Empire”.  Thanks to nostalgic record keeping, by my mother, I have been able to source the original data and notes from when Lore Lords was written for a Mega ST 4 using a 60MB hard drive and twin Toshiba laser printers for the extensive computer generated postal content. Sadly the ST source code was lost years ago making a total re-write from data and notes the only method to bring it back to life. In my spare hours I will bring it back in broadly it’s original format but adapted for the internet. Oddly, when I first started writing it’s prequel, it was originally for playing by modem – but in the late 80’s I was the only teenager I knew with a modem and so shifted to computer moderated Play By mail (PBM) to get more players. The internet should make it slightly easier to play ;).”